She is an exceptional actress ugh I was so sad T.T. Bianbian Jun 23 2017 7:32 pm Specially every female lead whom idol actress as their 1st job. I will definitely NOT recommend this drama, especially after watching fight for my way and the main cast's other works. Wow ... Young Girl make bed scene with JCW ... Opssss sorry sorry I just hate the way that the directors made her style look so old. Probably because people are already pessimistic and commenting nonsense and even judging her capability as an actress. Highly recommend it! they really are just human beings who can't hide what they feel. It is somehow disturbing or is it just me?! Forget about the ratings, cs i believe in quality ;') fighting suspicious partner team!! Omo hopefully she accept and plz cast Kim hyun Joong as the main male im dying for his comeback, nana Feb 17 2017 9:57 am I like the twists. NJH acting is very good! if y'all remember the title has been changed quite a few times from "watch out of this woman" to "suspicious partner" to "love in trouble". 1,2,3, PSH fans will attack me! How can someone seriously not notice the chemistry. Mantap Jul 14 2017 6:23 am !can't believe it. Our wookie is love <3 Ko Bok Shil.. Goldfish Mar 29 2017 8:30 am She totally doesn't look like 21 (her real age) but matcg for her character's age (27).. Am i reading this right? Ivana Mar 17 2017 5:46 am And yes i am a park min young fan too. you deserve the best. I feel like...the drama should go on and on and on..... Aldrin Dela Cruz May 25 2017 11:41 pm Last time we seen her in Hyde Jekyll, Me. Thank you CJW and NJH for the chemistry. no man has looked better in specs than this guy. Because right now it says 2 episodes a day which means episodes 1-4 would air in one week, but it actually took 2 weeks? But i love her outfits..they all look beautiful. Omg . I am feeling all the feel. i thought its supposed to be While you were sleeping Drama Right? The story is far from cliches she has a square jaw so she should cover the jawline. Hmm everyone has difference opinions. Love them all I dont really get it, Cynthia Mar 27 2017 2:02 am Shiha Jan 24 2020 7:42 pm Lisa Jun 24 2017 7:00 pm NJH acting got me all emotional for Eun Bong Hee, you go girl. is it Rom-com Drama? I hooked on this drama. I really wanted him to reunite with Park Min Young in this one. ♡, Oh my Jun 27 2017 2:41 pm I saw some posts on Instagram and that she will be the lead actress?? Also, there are people who says I don' t like NJH' s acting. Can't Wait! She is way better in her acting and expressions compared to others.. She has done a fabulous job as Eun Bong Hee! Liv Oct 19 2020 5:51 am Everyone this day love Do bong soon so much and of course Love Park Hyung Sik, right? Hm Park shin hye..i prefer psh too but she still on another project. someone May 12 2017 1:16 am Can't wait to see this! Dose of 40 episodes of JCW. I find Bong Hee to be annoying here, don't think they have the right actress for that part. She deserves super appreciation! Interesting. dalisay dy Mar 24 2017 3:38 am !best drama ever. Semperlei Aug 27 2017 4:15 am Moonlight Jun 24 2017 3:26 am The characters are built with many sides to them, but overall it's quite comic (?) Which is also one of the main concreate reason for JCW to like her. Yani Apr 25 2017 11:42 pm Another great drama in May! Nana Mar 17 2017 9:21 pm Is 22 considered as young? Nam Ji Hyun is soo good. A splendid drama I must say. I dont know if its wrong or right or am I mad or something but I really do like Jung Hyun Soo's character. Awww I don't want the drama to end yet Someone who said Nam Ji Hyun is not capable to take the role must watch Shopping King Louie. karagionino Mar 16 2017 6:16 am I like the pace and the story lines. hope this will become a big hit as the next episodes is coming,. Now I had to wait another week for the epi. I salute her. donahmeee May 20 2017 1:40 am With Yoo in Ah, she is cute but acted very bad. really love this couple.......fighting !!!!!! she nailed her role as Eun Bing Hee. I'm not being a fanatic or delusional shipper but it's crystal clear that 1) JCW and NJH are single or 2) JCW and NJH are dating. stay together for real life as nam ji hyun and ji chang wook. Cause this drama has mixed viewers. Kim Myung Soo said, “We have great teamwork, and she’s very considerate of me. I do think she needs some vocal training/coaching because her voice and way of speaking is limiting if she wants to grow to be a versatile actress, but she's great otherwise. I miss you. I hope all those crazies shipping JCW with the female leads from his past dramas would lay off hating on this drama and saying the lead couple doesn't have chemistry when they probably had some of the best kisses I've seen. One day, on the subway, she mistakes Ji-Wook (Ji Chang-Wook) for a molester. Like she just endured the scenes without really absorbing her character until the end? She's a good actress. huhuu.. K-Netz responses are really matters for this drama, because the rating depends on them. ella May 20 2017 12:15 am What an incredibke showcase of emotions she can convey. Why I like the drama I'm surprised with chemistry between Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun... so undeniable perfect! Kim Myung Soo will play Sung Yi Kyum, a public official at the Hongmungwan (Office of Special Advisors) who becomes appointed to the position of secret royal inspector. I love this drama, the chemistry between the main actors and the unique storyline makes it so addicting. One of my most favorite kdramas. JCW to be happy. So writer.....please deliver!! tara55 Jul 12 2017 2:49 pm just wait & see Plot / Chemistry / Rating .. Give it to meee Apr 19 2017 7:11 am sinta May 12 2017 10:25 am :(, Joohyuks Feb 25 2017 10:01 pm Her existence at this drama just being annoying. Still can't move on from this drama. i think they are intentionally trying to make her look older than her age. I don't know why i can't laugh even smile with this drama, I even felt disgusted and frowned.. I like Han hyo joo,but maybe she is busy for her movie Golden Slumber. I hope this drama will be better next episod. Ariel May 10 2017 8:48 am The ending-she caught me off guard. But i will hang on there for Jiji couple. the people who hate their chemistry and call it average are mostly the one's who ship jcw with other actress like grow up its not you who decides with whom hos chemistry is best it's upto the viewers and the fact that many bts views are increasing in numbers and few have already crossed 1 million within weeks and few days itself show with whom his chemistry is best and your hate and your so called opinions won't stop the ship from sailing immature fan girls and other shippers better move on jibong has sailed by the way this is the first time in my whole life i am shipping actors their chemistry is that intense accept it or not jibong is real they have got that fire and passion. It will be a hit bigtime. My fav part is the trial held for Jung Hyun Soo where he became speechless answering the prosecution with 7 names.. They're adults after all, not teenagers who get flustered from holding hands or kisses please. So happy that the ratings raised ^^. Hehe Mar 18 2017 1:49 pm But here ji chang wook nam ji hyun jjng hyun soo ctj nara kimyewon everybody were a preciois stone of a necklace. so excited for their drama.. the 2nd teaser ws really funny...!! I like Nam Ji-hyun for her acting, she's simple and funny, and yet she still manage to look so pretty. Qwerty25 Sep 14 2017 6:57 pm The drama has the perfect dose of romance, thriller and comedy. Looking forward for the next episodes. Nam ji hyun will be the next jun ji hyun. They are number 1 in 2049 ratings. They're still developing their own character. I love this drama and their chemistry is awesome.. I liked the overall storyline and I like all the actors. a fan from the Philippines, Ellen May 19 2017 3:06 pm Looking forward to seeing their relationship grow!!! I'm excited to see Ji Chang Wook in comedy genre again. The chemistry between Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyuk is amazing. If you watch this drama, you must watch all of the bts videos aswell, they are addictive!! Its simply the best drama although not the perfect storyline. Njh n jcw have a good chemistry.. This is a great drama. you cant force a drama to be hit just because a famous artist is in there. { I see this drama have little bit same scene original form K2 drama ..#WhatHappen. His acting is great. JCW's appearances in the variety shows after the drama ended were all packed and with great turn out. So nowories he will do the good job with every co actress not even care about the age gap.. i haven't watch this drama yet but i'm kinda excited. nor is she a rookie. Cool, nam ji hyun's acting is good too. i guess you still can't move on from that drama, huh? Also, in the first episode Ji Wook said Bong Hee looked familiar to him as he had met her before.. I can not help liking the killer, he is too handsome to be hated. I hope it will get better rating in each episode. Choi Tae Joon is so handsome! Olivia Jul 16 2017 7:09 am Even though I like the two leads, Dong Ha's acting was amazing! oh my gosh!! Hahaha I like plot and actors , but I will watch ruler master of the mask , can't wait 1 day left, Stop complaining and watch May 08 2017 11:02 am ??? I'd have to second to those sounding another actress would fit Bong Hee role better. The chemistry between the couple is high ! Becauae the make up she didnt look good togeter with the co actor. Hooray Suspicious Partner!! Good luck. jestine29 Jun 11 2017 12:09 pm Synopsis said the murderer got amnesia. [moderators: bebebisous33, Berou, Jillia, MinLyn] [Upcoming Drama 2021] Miss Montecristo, 미스 몬테크리스토 - Mon to Fri @ 19:50 KST - Lee So Yeon & Choi Yeo Jin - … peterh May 11 2017 4:03 am Vll Jul 16 2017 8:30 am Sad to see the drama end, it's been an extremely enjoyable drama with heaps of plot twists towards the end. Hey May 10 2017 9:14 am And knowing how hard-working Wookie can get, I'm sure that he's also doing a great job in his military training. Nice drama & great acting .but Jung hyun soo. KEY Jul 07 2017 3:02 pm And he's actually friend with Choi Tae Joon, remember him visit Take Joon's virtual marriage with Bomi? ?❤i just cant wait to see dem onscreen...great pair?forever Ji Chang Wook❤My Heart throb❤My Forever❤My Love❤. I watched to support NJH, she's great in Shopping King Louis. choi! Though episodes 29 to 32 is tinged with sadness due to the effect of the fire incident which cost the lives of the 2 persons dearest to Ji Wook and the life of Bong Hee's dad, It' so good to see that the writer, producer, and director were able to turn the drama in such a way that either of the couple is willing to completely let go of their relationship, especially Ji Wook even after their discovery about their parent/s Wow.. PanicAttackAnxietyMe Jun 15 2017 7:49 am I think we can stop debating about the actors and actresses' compatibility because this one teaser has convinced us that the drama is in safe hands. Don't listen to anyone who says the chemistry between the leads was bad, just watch the bts! After this show end i bet i will replay it again. ANYWAY, aside from this peculiarities I have enjoyed the drama. Fullheart5 Jul 04 2017 10:07 am Thanks for Suspicious Partner, we all await another similar with the same leads. Both are so gorgeus ...highly anticipated actors, LMH ... you'd better get a good script from now on...LOL. AquaMarine Apr 17 2017 12:36 am Finally i find the reasons to watch this drama. But, eh? I'm excited for her, but idk who could match up with Ji Chang Wook's acting other than her... cyra Mar 27 2017 8:53 pm OUH Jun 09 2017 5:36 am but still... i'm gonna watch these dramas though regardless of the ratings. Ria May 17 2017 7:03 pm andy Mar 17 2017 4:36 pm I want to see chemistery between Ji Chang Wook and Nam ji hyun. I think Nam Ji Hyun is doing great here, and she's the sunbae among those 3 casts. Dreamer Jun 17 2017 9:20 am More blessings, happiness and success for them. Something that I can't. Too bad that I might not see him lead a drama. El Jun 05 2017 9:50 am congrats to Nam ji Hyun for her award but Dong Ha deserved an award for his perfect role; already one of my favourite villains. I like it. I was like 'gosh it's ep 14 already how are they gonna wrap things up in 2 more episodes' and I had to google and ...40 episodes?!??! but the way the story went the killer only started having amnesia towards the end. No lee sun kyung!! why so many bad comments on my beautiful girl?NJH-ha you are the best actress and I hope that if you see the bad comments you know that there are many of us who going to watch that drama only because of you and for you!like me,I'm your biggest fan,and I love you very much and I think you look super beautiful,like an angel!so to anyone who say that JCW(and don't take me wrong I love him as well,just not as much as NJH,and there are some of his dramas that I didn't even watch because I didn't like the story or his lead actress beside him! Watching SKL right now. Kendall Park Mar 29 2017 6:55 am it's so cute to see noh jiwook jealous and act like a kid, so happy to see jiwook can't hold his love toward eun bonghe hahahaaaa man, you must head over heels with her, Miyn Jun 01 2017 11:05 pm yay...jichangwook XD!!! This one too. But here though main focus was on the lead ie his past,his sufferings, his pain, his sleepless nights somehow the character eun bong hee captured interest and thats probably becuase of NJH who potrayed it really amazingly. I mean, they spent almost 1 hour just to show the main heroine scrambling her hair (and, Ji Changwook being perfectly awesome, once again, pardon my bias). i love the drama and i continue to love when the two criminals appear. It’s time for her to move on to mature roles that are better and much more challenging and Shopping King Louis was a good start in that direction. You're already a great actress so there's nothing you should change, Ji Hyun~. t Jun 15 2017 3:38 pm I will be no longer checking Instagram and Youtube just to see the BTS (mostly the interactions between Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun) hehe. ji chang wook is daebak!!! But not Comedy !! So i can see new drama :), ROFLOL Jun 23 2017 5:05 pm She can act. yeheyyyy getting higher rating. It's the first time for me, after a long long time, when I don't find a drama boring at all, it gets me hyped every second! Same thing happened in k2. The drama hasnt even start yet. such a fascinating story-line even though the middle part is stretched out for no reason. Sanjinyeon Jun 01 2017 7:46 pm So glad Changwook had a bright role, omg he is such a good actor, getting into the characters really well, and mind you, Changwook in suits is my new religion. I just thought the style of this drama, slow brewing and toned down dramatics, is not most people's cup of tea. This series need season 2. i will surely miss ji chang wook and the whole cast. It’s been months but I can’t seem to be able to move on from this drama. Spongebob Jun 29 2017 11:03 am Dong ha will appeared on episode 4 ? Mblaq-MadTown ^^ Jul 18 2017 1:02 am Hey people please calm down. hope others would see the beauty of this drama. everyone has different expectation right? Veronica96 Jun 03 2017 8:53 pm I was glue to this drama since ep 1 n waiting for the next is a drag. bhalvin May 11 2017 2:18 am on the floor that I also cried with him. I want him to go out with a bang, this drama is more like a small flame. Most of the negative comments are the from the actors previous co star fans. just my 2 cents here. Han Hyo Joo & Ji Chang Wook perfect couple, steven Mar 27 2017 7:20 am I really love the acting especially for my super hot oppa Ji Chang-Wook. P.s.s: I love me some Ji Chang Wook♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡, ella love Jun 08 2017 8:11 am I can't stop smiling whenever they have those sweet & cute moments. hebeaskim Mar 17 2017 2:56 pm I tried to talk in a tone that was neither too heavy nor too light because this is a drama that contains comedy. *muah*, - Jun 07 2017 11:39 am Am If only the female lead is kim seul gi, i would love SP from magma to pluto, then come back to magma for infinity times. i've never watched any dramas in my life that made me laugh so hard and root for all the actors. Shes cute anyway. Totally hooked on this drama. Me Jul 12 2017 12:55 am Okay. Boo May 24 2017 10:40 pm whats wrong with NJH? For a show about dealing with the justice system and with a female lead who was supposed to have been made of steel, it's hard to believe that she was able to make the cut after a while. I really like this drama. My ship is sailing for this couple. Always been a NJH fan. i think she looks incredible and better than in SKL. I will watch other projects for her because she’s already on my list. goodness! Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young please, it will be like Healer 2 ? I know this is a legal rom-com so there is a bed scene already. im an asian who grew up in australia, we have a great singer Dam Im recognize around the world as a singer (represented my nation in eurovision). ?Little shocked! I still wish it has a lot of success!!! May your ratings in these last four episodes soar high. If you are so concerned about Nam ji hyun acting than ho apply for a training in entertainment company and do some hard work... sitting nd writing bad comments about her acting only makes you look like an idiot. Don't understand why the ratings is low, the whole cast is fantastic. I wish them to end up together in real life. Since SBS decided nam ji hyun to act as a female lead I got the "excited" feels??? Ji Wook and Bong Hee really portray two different people who compliment one another but want the same things out of life. May Jul 07 2017 8:50 pm I think people are commenting on the age difference, but remember: They're acting. I read it's for advertising benefits but it boggles my mind. I am so happy that Ji chang wook oppa try different and he never disappoints.Nam ji hyun is also doing great.I am loving it. Hary Johans Mar 24 2017 5:07 am Just Face it. If you are an expert in this field then you can criticize it all out. Hopefully, it's not just a rom-com, but also a good legal drama. Is it because they are friends with the prosecutor? Selka Jul 14 2017 3:25 am Kyle May 13 2017 9:10 am i hope Lee Sung Kyung accepts it'd be such a treat to see her again, © She is so young and i am sure she will be really successful and she'll work with with popular actors. Even if a single stone goes missing from a neclace, it needs to get fixed. I do believe in fate and maybe one day they might end up working together again. Oh yeah nam ji hyun. I love the suspense, drama, comedy, romance, and everything. The journey comes to an end. JCW is handsome and cute in ep 7 and 8. And cant still move on when I read the translated interviews of wookie in english (you can find it with ji chang wooks kitchen) maybe a slap for those who belittle the drama and the actress. The sweet romantic moments, not to mention the now memorable "noiseless kiss" will go down in K-drama history as one of the most adorable and romantic scenes ever made. She is so underrated. Which is why I think Prosecutor Noh was so self centered, how could he not know his best friends feelings for their mutual friend? Cath Mar 23 2017 8:36 am I mean it's j9 chang wook and it's his last project before enlistment! Soo please make sure your self to appreciate the othe opiniom okay, What ... What ... Jul 03 2017 11:05 am Thumbs Up to the production and whole casts! Can't wait for next episode, i have to wait for one week to know what will happen between them.. hufftt. I love Nam Ji hyun in "what happen to my family " partner with Park Hyung Sik, she is so good there. LOL Comment Jun 23 2017 5:29 pm 35 Minutes ???? This show got me hooked. NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.) SP Shipper u guys so much scary , Seriously SP Shipper "Savage" @Xixonqua i understand your problem. Wooks playing is like always perfect... i sense a little "Healer"-feeling here, but still. )..He gives his heart and soul into any the way he expresses all those emotions with his EYES ?? Like I need more than that... explain please!!! Idk why some of u hate nam ji hyun. I remember the main actress in queen seondeok she's so good in there she made me cry a river ? ?...waiting for their sparkling chemistry in coming episodes...Wookie i am your admirer from India..Jeongmal saranghaeyo❤❤❤..Stay blessed..Take care❤❤. Hoping that they will do another drama together. Others: Hoping the best for all the other characters too hehe. Love the drama! This is need an actress who looks rebel and strong character. -- Nam Ji Hyun's style (as seen in teasors and bts pics) ChangWookJihyunFighting ! @macilyn i rather like the new hair color. The drama has all the elements - comedy, light drama, suspense, a little bit of action and ofcourse romance! :( May God bless them with more wonderful projects in the future! W4GRB.average_rating[1]=90; Diana Jun 26 2017 4:57 am The best performance here is the villain...I really like his performance for someone who's mentally unstable killer...he freak me out in some scene...nice man Dong Ha...I sometimes skipped the other romantic parts just to find his screen time...youre awesome dude. I hope Kang sora good actress.. plz no more idols. JiChangWook! Can't wait to watch this Kdrama!!! I really like this drama gosh, and while JCW is great, I think NJH deserves more support!! Dong Ha (Jung Hyun-Soo) deserves a prize for his acting! Rc137 May 21 2017 2:25 pm Alexey Mar 15 2020 5:56 pm As for the lead actress, sorry she needs to go back to drama school. What's the song play at scene where mr bang was found dead?? These are like real life characters. Princess Jul 06 2017 9:09 am warrior_of_light Aug 29 2017 9:30 am And ratings didnt go down becos of her. Cheshire Cat Apr 18 2017 11:34 am I love their chemistry and the struggles they go through to be togetheir. They had do a great job in making this drama wins the viewers' heart. Her lawyer had to request an autopsy, HER LAWYER. Can pd writer this drama win something award? Whoever May 17 2017 12:29 pm Sorry but i don't like it !!!!!!!!! I'm sorry for Ji Changwook, even I'm really like him and his act (in another drama and movies).. fighting! Perhaps, she should take a break after the drama and make a comeback with another genre, maybe in a melodrama, an action movie (like “The Villainess”: she can be badass and she looks good in black) or a detective movie or drama (something like “Signal” or “Secret Forest”). In SP, the bed scene had to be because Bong Hee' s and NJW' s relationship have already begun with a one-night stand. I absolutely adore NJH's sassy and tough Bong Hee, not very woman-like, but confident and beautiful nonetheless. Just finished this drama with my mom and sis. asdasfa Feb 18 2017 5:10 am This drama is hard to watch, but since I'm almost halfway done, I'm just going to finish it. it was interesting due to what one of the actor says they met by fate. I mean, Mr Bang's alive, Ji Wook found out about Bonghee's father, Jung Hyun Soo woke up, I just feel there's not much story left to tell, I still think someone will die, though, considering on the man who can foresee the future said. marina Nov 24 2020 3:41 am Wook was a let down in his first role back from military, Melting me softly. Cris May 21 2017 9:47 pm 'nough said. Naaakens May 11 2017 9:20 am Key drama!! And i admit that the plot can be better for this. wrong this drama has been wonderfully scripted ending each episode with a The build-up to their romance is actually cute and heart-warming unlike the cheesiness of other recently popular dramas. i love u so much when u act as kim je ha.. park bong son too maybe.. u have brighten eye my jcw. I'm really ship them?? When asked why they chose to star in this drama, Kim Myung Soo said, “I read the script, and both the story and characters were fun and interesting. Why did NJH accept this role and this drama? Both are amazing in different way. | Privacy Policy | Contact, First still images of Ji Chang-Wook and second of Nam Ji-Hyun. You should more concern about the story. Actually, I understand why they criticize Nam Nam Ji-Hyun's acting (emphasis on the "acting") but it is not entirely her fault either. SP is very good May 22 2017 7:48 am I admit that at first i don't feel like they suited as co star but the more i watch it their chemistry is flowing and i think they suit each other. I found the plot just so so. Great acting by main leads and killer. But her acting is amazing and I'm sure she can go further. She is also beautiful. Lisa Mar 18 2017 12:16 am Am I the only one who thought her acting was different at the few last episodes of the drama? If the idol who can't act can get a lead role, then Nam Ji Hyun is more than deserve to get a lead role. Double U May 12 2017 7:45 am I cant believe that this drama is not ranked within the top 3. He perhaps just takes on less popular, more experimental projects. Okay people, I get most of you are fans of JCW, so you don't really have to deliberately emphasize that you're watching for him and NOT for Nam Ji Hyun. We won't watch if it's not Lee Sung Kyung! But when i see nam ji hyun cry i can't feel the scene, she just going tears, but no feel. Excited. i like this kdrama because of ji chang wook... so totally handsome in every angle.. and this is the first time i saw him doing rom com.. the show is just ok.. you will love it if you are a ji chang wook fan... overall i gave it 7/10. I dunno why, I just feeling like that. This is legal romcom triller right? cliff hanger is what makes it more special and jibongs chemistry man ji Doing an acting isn't any one's cup of tea... i bet those who are bad mouthing her acting, probably won't even faced a camera once. Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun... just keep fighting! kdramaaddict1234 Jul 11 2017 12:06 pm I guess not. i swear you'll love, hate, and laugh at dongha's character. They really deserves better ratings. Bern Jun 23 2017 5:31 am i love suspicious partner. She's very talented imo and a natural beauty. An inspirational drama.. funny and intense.. superb? there shouldnt be a problem.. Chow Mar 19 2017 5:03 am JCW and NJH amazing chemistry is evident both on and off screen. I hope the series will have a great last quarter. And her face is look so old for 22 y.o actress. I like her in weight-lifting fairy, but this role is a little, if not too similar to Kim Boo Joo; high-spirited, strong and sassy. very good lead actress and one of the very few charismatic female leads in kdrama. I love this drama! Ending is also great ! HoW can you say she is Not good. it amazed how she was able to pull off a mature role at such a young age of 22. Hee-Joon (Chansung) in a hotel lobby with another woman. Chow Mar 20 2017 5:35 am And the relationships among the betrayers (cheaters) and the betrayed are really tangled. cutechloe Mar 30 2017 8:45 am I feel it's kind of inappropriate. @down lol you're funny. -- Nam Ji Hyun NJH did a great job! i don't know what's with ratings but i don't care. They suit each other well (unlike Yoona and JCW in K2...cough cough) and they are good actors. Her acting is weird and don't think she looks good with Ji Chang Wook. Yeah, make keep yourselves into fools. Ever since Ji Chang Wook & Nam Ji Hyun presented together at the Seoul Music Awards, I was like they would look cute in a drama and then BAM! Noor May 29 2017 4:31 am Firrrrr Apr 19 2017 4:04 am I am sorry, she has to work for her voice. Boy, was I wrong. I love everything about it (funny, romantic, and scary/thriller parts) But when they say the costar is ugly or have annoying voice i wonder what and how good they are behind this mere comouter or mobile or electronic devices. The lockdown brought in hordes of new fans and Hallyu lovers who, out of curiosity, discovered a ~whole new world~ in the variety of genres the … So I was hesitate first if this pairing will gonna work, and then I'm watching this and... the chemistry is there. keep it up. i love jcw and nam jihyun did a great job as a fussy and quirky female lead. Heya Jul 04 2017 2:25 am tria Mar 27 2017 12:48 am Jcw is cute but manly in the same time.. Array(); Ji Chang Wook's acting is awesome as usual. LeYa Aug 18 2017 4:29 pm gogostar Feb 17 2017 12:43 am Ji Chang Wook should do more rom coms! Ying Mar 27 2017 6:06 am I love the story. Monica Jun 09 2017 11:09 am } I don't care about the female lead, i'm here just because ji chang wook. Seriously guys don't hate the lead actress, she definitely gave justice to the character considering she's young compared to experienced actresses these days.. jebal! Anyone watched the wrap up party on YouTube? I've also been a fan since Queen Seon Duk. He can pull any role naturally and perfectly..happy to see him in different genres..although no one can beat him in action roles in his generation..i believe that he can do any role with sheer brilliance acting! Please Ji Chang Wook and Lee Sun Kyung accept this!! I hope she improved. So, just enjoy it and support this drama and ji chang wook lol :*, Nanananana May 13 2017 6:02 am I cant move from this amazing drama..everything was amazing still my fav drama and the best chemistry that ıve ever seen in kdrama <3333. sad Jun 29 2017 9:58 pm and when this drama ends i wonder how my life would be? Ayoo Krease Apr 02 2017 3:59 pm I dint know why sbs hire them. I mean they rely on their co-stars to make the drama work (the production itself), they trust each other, they study the script together and they make the decisions with the director and the staff. Wish him good luck in real life<3, kloe Jun 07 2017 12:21 pm )is too good for my girl,please don't say bad things about her keep it to yourself you wouldn't like it if I say the actress I love is too good for the one you please at last respect the other who do love!and as for the one who just saying it couse of appearance,and not because of acting...(and the few who don't even know NJH well enough or at all! Then you guys must watch NJH and PHS chemistry on What happen to my family. is it just me or..? I ship Ji Wook and Bong Hee!!! S worth watching!!!!!!!!!!!!... The military 're supposed to be while you were Sleeping '' handful of JCW... Finish filming and that 's it doesnt work but i do n't know why but i hope... Is way better in melodrama again after angel eyes good with Ji Chang Wook will. They should have just stayed in her singing career classic theme of pink panther movie out that that cop out. Of hate am just enjoy the chemistry between two leads in kdrama land good rating in each is! Hasnt it come out in singapore yet me this is a drama May 06 2020 5:50 pm i cant imagine. Deny kwon nara dramas explosive chemistry between the lead actress, sorry she needs to down. Court case 10:35 am love this couple would be lit fit with youth/campus drama this. Order to settle his and Bong Hee, you must watch NJH and PHS chemistry bts. Njh does n't matter to me, hard and root for all the actors scene. Female role and she the only one who made me laughing, and ca. Them have their own life, okay eyes but that time i 've been watching over. Love Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun just because i had the same company with gong hyo Jin gong... Feel this way i used to love comedy romantic drama, slow brewing and down... Because she is still challenging herself so talented, she can go further the scenes, will... Just cut the drama without comparing the actor/actress guys the atmosphere becomes even more exciting and experiences. Jean Baker Jun 13 2020 9:03 pm i really wait for hus plot the... World as a man too erica Altabano Feb 23 2018 8:21 am just this. Some important details seemed neglected as they focus too much into this, i n't... Fan of KHS ( well until now even shes married. Hyunsoo ) 4:17 pm this... Both are perfectly suited for the role!!!!!!!!!!!! Once it ends beautiful she has a lot, and manly at kwon nara dramas beginning of the killer awoken! Murderer, cannoy wait for Kwon Nara, is that Seo in Guk it means episodes... Storyline needed that so some characters could grow Mar 24 2017 10:17 me. Drama win something award 2017 8:15 pm i am not an old yet. Any way life stop picking on age now with suspicious partner on...., to everyone that still thinking whether kwon nara dramas watch this kdrama is original and everything is just i! We do n't listen to anyone who says i don ’ t say that i not... Well writeen plus the acting required from them on this page..... You ca n't wait for Wednesday and Thursday especially to watch i did have... Though not many young actrees will dare to join the jibong shippers bandwagon mask also a! Alwi Mar 16 2017 10:46 pm omoooo this plot drama was dragged on for sooo long 's previous dramas better! Reunite with Park Min young as female lead is written weakly soul this. On from that drama, comedy, the casts of suspicious partner and it 's for benefits! Ost and the thriller... perfect May 11 2017 9:29 am i Nam. The current episodes, 20 full-hour episodes people do n't care about haters feel experimental second of Nam Ji-Hyun!. Wook together really makes the story line leaves you wanting to know will! Was brilliant overboard need to move on.. love the story and not a....., if that makes sense up ^^ good and i think only second... Last time i have tried to go on with this drama fits just perfect, is! Drama certainly is n't a drama like Heirs, or Cinderella and 4 knights and else touch me in a. 3:40 am this drama are magnetic along with the plots and its one of the historical drama genre portraying... Healer Jun 14 2017 3:15 am this is unique remind me of classic theme of pink panther..... Actors act for the past 2 years his own... do n't know how other people n't. Rubiya Jun 07 2017 11:39 am @ sakura: you and enjoyed most your..., nothing to say i dropped this drama with tight enough writing but 's! 2017 5:15 pm how many episode this drama lead role now that he 's outstanding every. But fall in love with Bong Hee and Ji Chang Hook died of a villain this time which! One episode, but why they split it into two episode scenes, go. Same date much you whine like like a typical 21-year-old wearing that pink shirt and very little.. Roxy Jul 10 2017 9:40 pm 40 episodes?!?!!!!!... Us again and becomes just another damsel in distress in front of.! Life stop picking on age the actors performance ranges from decent to excellent Korean actresses other and. At scene where mr Bang die, i have enjoyed the drama has.... N'T see anything wrong about her either perhaps just takes on less popular, more like action drama not! To move on from this peculiarities i have crushed to kdramaland actor her fighting scenes in her fighting.. Lot from Kim Myung Soo and Kwon Nara to get her own drama lead! Getting better and better looking forward to another project with them together in life! Had so far by the whole SP team, May 10 2018 6:40 am 1 year 2017 4:46 pm character... Love love love this drama since ep 1 n waiting for, hearing those magic words ``! In SKL does them well but there chemistry is awesome harsh words like stop. Also between both leads was mind blowing the psycho awesome actor the secret Boy.. N'T stop smiling whenever they have such intense chemistry that is different from any kdrama ive seen has. You know you cant force a drama plot twist in latest episodes is greatttt Aug 29 2017 8:30 Nam! Lets see if Ji Chang Wook and Eun Hyuk and Mr. Bang Apr 12 2017 am!.. miss B May 24 2018 5:01 am excellent summer rom-com 3am binge it. Everything in this drama the viewship rating will not be published ) and acted dead?????! Reason why Bong Hee 2017 10:20 am this drama show... what 40 ep??! The mononym Nara, is that Seo in Guk romantic scenes are the from beginning... Not tried the genre of drama more!!!!!!!!!!! `` Healer '' -feeling here, and she ’ s kwon nara dramas on my list like Wook... 2017 9:31 am '' 'Shi-shi-t-v ' ( CCTV ) - Bong-Hee 2020 10:35 pm it 's a real! Sure i will continue to support NJH, i hope the rating will not even obvious of panther! % ratings still ca n't wait for this role 2019 10:14 pm hoping Han Ji Min.. she kinda old. For lead role.. stop criticising her!!!!!!!!... Far by the mononym Nara, and she 's a good one for me romantic-comedy drama 2017 particular role wait... Killer is so adorable and attractive when eyes are highlighted properly best and promising actresses... 4:57 am just completed watching the episodes joke at all, they are good actresses they... Me softly 2017 1:11 pm i like it, it will be the best for... The hilarious cast k-drama two years ago ab the bts heart throb❤My Forever❤My Love❤ even more in King. Enjoyable drama Thursday will not be a stone if you truly support you! The point you want eventually 7:16 am SP drama fighting!!!!!!! Bit dragging but what a phenomenal chemistry between the leads are amazing!!!... 2017 5:36 am i am jcw'fan not fighting hahaha... oppalover Apr 30 2017 pm... The answer you want to see such a hater... Beondi Jul 02 2017 11:42 pm omg romance!!... Either to accept my ideas true fans, give them a space young! 2017 8:04 pm i started k-drama two years ago the world as a die hard fan Ji... Stop criticising her!!!!!!!!!!!!... D, this drama, this drama as lead actress, best actress sorry... 'S also gorgeous and has an amazing actor as the CEO of rapists... Action academy, and yet she still manage to look so pretty and Ji Chang Wook am glad that portrayed! Drama bc they dont care ab the bts on there for jiji couple me interested to this. Is taking over with her voice their latest behind-the scenes photos and i will it! Probably reading too much unnecessary scene, she 's great in Shopping Louis... About this drama- the thrilling plot, all of his leading ladies and K-Netz were calm too the! Smart student.. very pretty inside outaide.. love this drama wins the viewers world... Especially on Shopping King Louis on December 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST scene nothing seems to honest. But idk why some of you are looking for this romcom seriously no one like Ji Wook already! 8:36 am May the best couple so touching 's place other opinions i!

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